Euro Ei: Quality Guaranteed

Euro Ei Delivers Quality

euro eiOvyta eggs are distributed under Euro Ei's wing: the representative for Belgian table eggs of the highest quality. Euro Ei develops innovative products in the field of flavour and health and, in the process, pays particular attention to food safety and consumer protection. That’s the purpose of our computerised system that can tell us an egg's origin, and its destination, at any given time.

Best of Laying Hens, Best of Care

It goes without saying that the health of our hens is of paramount importance. Our vigorous quality management system guarantees the right choice of breed, the right vegetable feed, meticulous veterinary care and thorough quality controls.

The Most Stringent International Quality Standards

Euro Ei is accredited by KAT: a rigorous control system for monitoring the origin, quality and safety of free-range, barn and organic eggs. It provides the evidence needed that every link in the production chain is subject to strict controls.

Euro Ei holds the highest level of IFS (International Food Standard) certification: a food industry quality standard developed by the British Retail Consortium.

What's more, Euro Ei is the only packing station in Belgium with FAFSC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) self-auditing certification. That makes export beyond Europe a goal that we can feasibly achieve.

Euro Ei partners exclusively with GMP-certified feed suppliers: a guarantee, in other words, of feed composed of the best raw materials available, and a table egg of the very highest quality.



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ITQI Superiour taste Award 2018 - Ovyta scharrelei - Oeuf au sol