Lodewijckx Group

What started as a small family business in 1972 has grown, almost 45 years later, into a well-established name in the egg industry and a genuine business group with extensive knowledge of the egg processing business.

We know all about eggs

Liquid egg products, free-range eggs and egg powders: with all these products in its comprehensive range, Lodewyckx Group is a natural in every market.

The business group consists of four relevant entities, each with a speciality and production process of its own:


Lodewijckx NV is based in Veerle, in the province of Antwerp, and specialises the production of liquid and pasteurised egg products. The egg products are sold under the brand name Cocovite. Liquid whole egg, liquid egg white, liquid yolk, scrambled egg mix, pancake mix: these are just a hint of the full product range. Cocovite allows Lodewijckx to focus on convenience for the food and hospitality industry, bakers, butchers and other food producers. In the meantime, due to its constant pursuit of quality, commitment and customer focus, Cocovite has become a major player in the Benelux region, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

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At its packing station in Tessenderlo, Kempische Eierhandel packs about 355 million eggs per annum. The majority of these are destined for the Belgian retail market, but the group also has its own brand: Ovyta. Ovyta eggs are rich in Omega-3 and vitamin E and are known for their rich orange yolks.


Pulviver sprl: egg white powders are this company’s core business, but Pulviver’s product range also extends further to include egg yolk and whole egg powders. Pulviver can also produce instant powders, thanks to its unique production process.
As a pioneer in this sector, Pulviver exports to more than 60 countries around the globe. The egg powder factory is located in Bastenaken.

Its own egg-laying farms: The Lodewyckx Group as a whole processes more than a billion eggs a year. To achieve these egg volumes the Lodewyckx group has agreed egg supplies with egg-laying farms. In addition, the group also has four of its own egg-laying farms across Flanders (Geel, Markegem, Sint-Laureins and Veerle). This enables the group to produce eggs according to specific demands in relation to the composition of the chicken feed.